Samsung Galaxy Note 9 returns to show itself on Geekbench in its variant equipped with Exynos 9810 dedicated to the international market, the SM-N960F. In recent weeks we have witnessed the passage of the SM-N960N version equipped with the same SoC, which had obtained a very unusual score.

On that occasion, we found 2,737 points for the single core test, while the multi-core had a score of 9,064. The result obtained a multi-core appeared in line with the average performance of Exynos 9810, however, the single core was less than 1,000 points compared to the norm.

The new SM-N960F variant seems to clarify any doubt since values in line with what are the scores achieved by the SoC equipped on the current Galaxy S9 are again detected. In fact, we are talking about 3,716 single-core and 8,984 multi-core. Also confirmed the presence of 6GB of RAM and Android 8.1 Oreo as standard.

Exynos 9810 is – at the moment – the SoC able to get the highest single-core score within the entire Android world. However, despite the high performance, there are several curious aspects that orbit around this SoC, such as the particular management of frequencies and worse performance on the consumption side, compared to Snapdragon 845.

On the occasion of the first appearance of Note 9 on Geekbench it was hypothesized that Samsung had revised its SoC in order to limit the performance in single core – although presenting scores higher than those of SDM845 – in order to improve consumption, however the Today’s sighting seems to confirm that the chip should not have undergone any changes whatsoever.

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