Galaxy S10: Snapdragon probably faster than Exynos

For several years, Samsung has been using two different processors in its flagship ships. In the US and the American market in general, a processor is used, which was manufactured by Qualcomm - in the case of the Galaxy S10, this is the Snapdragon 855. In the rest of the world, an in-house Exynos SoC is used, the Galaxy S10 the newest Exynos 9820.

As in previous years, there seems to be a difference in performance between the two processors, if benchmarks and graphics are to be believed. According to various measurements at AnandTech, the Snapdragon 855 should be superior to the Exynos 9820 in some respects.

Although the Exynos processor is a "worse" tick than the Snapdragon SoC, Samsung claims that the performance of the in-house processor has improved by 20% in terms of performance, speed, and more, compared to its predecessor. In addition to seemingly obvious software enhancements, the M4 microarchitecture seems to have helped make things faster and smoother.

In my opinion, benchmarks are nonsense. I bet that nobody here would notice the minimal difference between the two processors. In the end eh count no graphics and statistics, but the daily use. Here you have to wait for reviews because I already have the impression that David Ruddock could be right here:


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