SamsungGalaxyS10 14
SamsungGalaxyS10 14

Galaxy S10 users will finally have a Night Mode seriously in the device’s camera. The feature comes included in the April 2019 security patch and is currently only available in Switzerland.

Given that there was already Bright Night mode, the change is in the way you interact with it. Apparently, the quality of the photographic results will be the same, but now the user can choose in which situation he wants to use this mode.

What happened so far (and did not please the users) is that it was the device that decided. That is, whenever the device thought it was a good time to take a long exposure, this function was available. Which was only when it was very dark.

The Galaxy S10 camera still needs to improve in low-light situations

If we take into account what the competition (more specifically the P30 Pro) offers, this is a function that should have been in the device since it was released. Although the camera is thus improved, Samsung will have to continue working on photos in low light.

There continue to be complaints that images in low light produce a lot of noise. Given the current scenario, the evening photos of the Galaxy S10 are holes below Google Pixel or the Huawei P30.

For now, this update is only available in Switzerland. Still, it’s likely to hit your Galaxy S10 in the next few days. To check if it is available on your device in the meantime, just go to the definitions and ‘software updates’.

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