Every year the Samsung Galaxy S line is at the top of the good phones. And this was no different with its Galaxy S8 line.

Its strengths are its excellent display, a very well designed design, like Samsung’s standard, excellent cameras, powerful processor, memory to run heavy applications and more.

As the Galaxy S8 was a huge success, it was sure that many would already be waiting for the Galaxy S9 and its rumours.

The BGR website has finally discovered a rendering of a case factory, Ghostek and supposedly, is one of the first images that give us a vision of what we can expect in the Galaxy S9.

One thing should always be made clear when looking at a case rendering. Since the phone is inside the case (since the image is created to sell the case, not the phone), a full view of it is almost impossible.

But even so, it is possible from what we see to visualize some exciting things.

The most notable point we can see is the repositioning of the fingerprint sensor. One of the biggest complaints in the S8 was the strange location of the fingerprint sensor just next to the rear camera but apparently, according to this image Samsung listened to its users and decided to move the reader down the rear camera.

The camera is dual, and therefore the S9 will be the first in the Galaxy S family to have this type of configuration.

The edges are thinner, and the physical Bixby button is still there. At the same time, it seems that we will still see the 3.5mm handset being maintained by Samsung.

Was it animated? Calm. This is the first leak with an image of the Galaxy S9, and so it is good to take this as a simple rumour since we are well away from the possible launch of the device.


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