galaxy z flip future purple m
galaxy z flip future purple m

After the Galaxy Z Flip was announced in Europe, Samsung took the opportunity to do the same in China, along with the Galaxy S20 range. This happened on February 27th. Now, the Z Flip went on sale the same day and sold out instantly. Meanwhile, Samsung made the Galaxy Z Flip available again in China and reports reveal that this model sold out in just 30 minutes. Also in Portugal, the behavior was similar to Samsung reporting a few days ago that this device had run out.

Galaxy Z Flip achieves the feat of running out in half an hour!

There is something that dazzles me about the Galaxy Z Flip. Eventually, it is the revival of the shell smartphones. RAZR also achieved this in some way. However, Samsung has managed to do so with greater perfection. I’m not even talking about the type of screen, whether it’s more durable or not. I really mean the design itself. After all, it was not necessary to make such a thick bottom frame. In fact, Samsung even made an effort to create this folding. It was important not to repeat the mistakes made with the Galaxy Fold last year. So I wanted to make a much more resistant device and a new foldable screen despite the problems that have already been reported!

In fact, Samsung used more resistant materials on the panel and at the same time suitable for frequent folding. The Galaxy Z Flip can count on the resistance offered by the ultra-thin glass, certainly more robust than the polyamide used in the Galaxy Fold. But, according to what was revealed by the site SamMobile, it is not only that that contributes to its resistance. Samsung will also have implemented an additional layer under the screen with the sole purpose of absorbing shocks.

The Galaxy Z Flip has a layer capable of absorbing shocks under the ultra-thin glass. Samsung has also implemented a thin layer of protective plastic. The glass layer and the shock-absorbing layer are apparently the only differences on the Z Flip’s screen compared to last year’s screen.

In fact, it was a very well-designed piece of equipment and the public soon realized that.

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