Get a TV? It is possible to connect your phone to a TV (DIY)

At the age of information technology, each home has a large modern TV, and every member of the family has a smartphone or tablet on Android OS. Very often there is a need to broadcast video from these devices to a TV so you can enjoy a high-quality picture on the big screen. Even if the TV does not have a Smart TV and DLNA support, it can be connected to Google Chromecast media player, Apple TV, XBox TV, Roku, WDTV and so on. Because of this, Google Play has had a lot of applications, but we think of the most popular ones: paying AllCast Premium and free LocalCast.

AllCast Premium

Why Premium? The free version has 60-second video limit duration, so it can not be used for practical purposes, except for testing. The price for the premium version - $ 5, who favors it, read the next paragraph about the free application.

The use of the program is easier than usual - we launch it, turned on the TV, everything that was found in it automatically. If this does not happen, make sure your phone or tablet is connected to a TV with a router. Next, we will go to the folder with the necessary files and send it to the TV, which will automatically start their playback.

Free LocalCast application

In the meantime, version 3.4.0 has been released, where the video, as well as images, music and PDF documents, are available. Besides Samsung, LG and Panasonic Smart TVs, Apple TVs and Chromecasts, you can also display the photo on the big screen by. Returning within the Google Drive cloud is also available and has playlist support.

Additionally, the application has a unique opportunity to switch the TV sound and bring it to a smartphone or tablet. If, for example, all of you have fallen asleep, you can restore the TV movie, and bring the sound to headphones that are inserted into the phone.

Although the application is free, it shows ads. You can stop the advertisements as much as possible.

Modern phones are similar to computers. Yes, different games, programs, social networks, cameras - it's all a necessity that has a set of every gadget. The only drawback to communication methods is not a big screen. In this case, to view files in a larger format, you need to solve the question: how to display an image from your phone to TV?

Refine by WiFi

Above all, when two uses have a common data transfer technology. Therefore, if your TV has a built-in WiFi module, you need to download the required application (Samsung for Samsung is a Samsung Remote) and transfer the image to a large screen.

Samsung TVs also have AllShare mode, which can solve the problem: how to connect to the Sambunda TV's iPhone with no wires.

Fascinating! IPhone users can display an image and TV video using AirPlay. To do this, use a special prefix that allows you to quickly establish a device connection and provide excellent quality of the files. But there is one condition: the devices should be in the same Wi-Fi network.

Connect via HDMI

This way of watching a video from the phone of a TV is the best way to do it. One condition is the presence of a free HDMI port on TV, and the phone is micro-HDMI.

To view videos and pictures from your phone on your TV, you need to:

1. Connect one end of the cable to the right TV connector and the second one on the phone.

2. Prepare two tools.

3. Use remote control to enter the TV menu and select the source of the HDMI signal.

4. In the case of multiple connections, it is necessary to choose the exact one connected to the phone.

5. If you can not transfer the picture from the phone to the TV (the settings do not work automatically), you should check the phone.

6. You must go to gadget gadgets and select HDMI.

7. A small window will come, where you need to see the resolution and convenience supported by the device.

Important! In the event of a micro-HDMI hole in the phone, you can use the special micro-USB-HDMI converter. This device sends the signal, adapting it to TV capability.

These are just a few answers like playing a video from your phone to a TV. Choosing a strategy depends on the owner's desire, his financial capability and the phone model.

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If you know how to display a picture from the phone to TV , then you are comfortable viewing the large screen video, displaying any content for a great audience, or just playing. It may have long been this posredstvom MHL-cable, but opredelennyae aggravated By using a cable tolknuly producer in Search for besprovodnыh technology. In the days of the day, DLNA, Apple AirPlay, Miracast, Samsung Connect, Samsung AllShare Cast, Intel Wireless Show (or WiDi). S, plastic guns work with them raznysh producer of the devices, others prednaznachenys lysh devices for a brand (something that is considered Title), but zachastuyu mogut Sumpsumpaya for the second and the device with pomoshchju perehodnykov or adapterov. You should only choose, or rather, a suitable wireless signal transmission technology. Let's talk about some.

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How to move an image from Apple AirPlay

It requires:

1. iPhone or iPad mobile device.
2. Apple TV. It is a multimedia player in the form of a small prefix. It should be connected to a TV via an HDMI connector.

Setting up the connection:

1. On a mobile device, open the application in AirPlay.
2. On the list of devices that support AirPlay, selecting Apple TV.
3. Activate the "video repeat" setting.

Now you can watch your favorite video on the big screen. Controls will be held from the phone or tablet, and the TV image.The same uses of games and other applications, with the contrast that the image can be in two screens at the same time. So, with iOS devices, transferring pictures to a TV screen is easier than, but what other uses?

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