Let’s start with a clarification: what is Buddybank? In practice, it is a UniCredit current account designed specifically for the smartphone. More precisely for iPhone, since it works through an app created specifically for Apple mobile phones. Without any opening or monthly fees, Buddybank is particularly useful for those who want to open an account and easily check it without having to go to the branch. To do so, in fact, just use your phone.

But what advantages does it offer? The Buddybank account does not include commissions on various transactions such as sending a SEPA transfer, making ATM withdrawals (from UniCredit ATM) and purchasing telephone top-ups. There are two types of accounts: the basic account includes a Mastercard debit card, while with Buddybank Love you get a MasterCard World Elite credit card. Both can be used for online purchases or in stores, through the Apple Pay circuit.

Buddybank UniCredit airpods: how to open an account and get headphones

Only until May 1, 2019, Buddybank launches a special promotion: offer a pair of wireless headphones. On the Hardware Upgrade page dedicated to BuddyBank promos, you can view a complete and updated list of current offers. So if you are interested in Buddybank, here’s how to get airpods. First of all, we need to open a new account – operation, as we will see, very simple. Then you must make – within 90 days of opening – at least € 1000 of purchases. Opening an account is really easy and cheap for those who use a Buddybank Discount Code. First, you need to download the Buddybank app for iPhone – available only for phones equipped with iOS 10 or higher. Once launched, press the button Become a Buddy and enter your personal data, phone number, and email. Then you need to take a picture of your document: you can choose between identity card, passport or, alternatively, driving license + tax code or health card. The last step involves a video call for facial recognition.

The types of account and the advantages

As we have already anticipated, there are 2 types of account that can be subscribed:

  • Buddybank
  • Buddybank Love

Buddybank: the basic account with a debit card

With the first account, an international Mastercard debit card is available, which generally arrives within 48 hours of opening the account. It has a cost of 0 euros per month and allows you to make payments online, in stores with POS or via smartphone using Apple Pay. All this is verifiable on the official page. We present below its other features and benefits:

Buddybank base
0 euros per month
Ordinary SEPA transfers without commission
Withdrawal without commission from UniCredit ATMs in Italy and abroad
2 euro commission withdrawal from ATM of other banking institutions
Cash payment on UniCredit ATMs without commission
24-hour access to Banking Concierge banking assistance service

Buddybank Love: the elite account with a credit card

Buddybank Love is the most prestigious version of the basic account and has a monthly cost of 9.99 euros. With the Buddybank World Elite credit card (free annual fee), it provides the same services as the basic Buddybank, but, in addition, it includes some really exclusive advantages.

Buddybank Love
9.99 euros per month
Free money transfer (instead of € 2.50)
Periodic transfers without charges
Access to over 950 airport lounges worldwide
Possibility to reset your purchases also from the app
24-hour access to Lifestyle Congierce services for booking trips, hotels, and restaurants

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