How To Get Rounded Corners On Your Android Device Display scaled
How To Get Rounded Corners On Your Android Device Display scaled

Do you fancy the idea of having your Android screen display with rounded corners instead of the usual straight corners? Xiaomi devices and some Huawei devices running Android have had this feature for some time now. Smartphone giants Samsung and LG already have plans to join the wagon with the release of their flagship phones for 2017.

All thanks to the ingenuity of some developers, you can now add virtually any feature to your device; all they need do is to imagine it and then it becomes reality by developing an app for it.

Today’s tutorial is on how you can get this feature on your Android device without changing your phone or rooting it. All we shall be using is an app – Cornerfly by flyperinc – available on Playstore for free. Other notable mentions include Rounded Corners by Alexis Pautrot and Rounded Corner Screen by Appspack.

How To Get Rounded Corners On Your Android Device Display

Steps On How To Use Cornerfly

  • First download and install the app from Google Playstore, after installation launch the app on your device.
Cornerfly by flyperinc for Android
Cornerfly by flyperinc for Android
  • Next, in the screen that appears, grant the additional permissions that the app requests: toggle on the System overlay switch and tap on the Accessibility service entry to select and enable Cornerfly.

  • Turn on the switch at the top right corner of the Cornerfly app interface to enable the rounded corners feature.
  • You can also enable rounded corners on the navigation bar for devices with on-screen navigation buttons. To do this open the settings for Cornerfly from the main menu and click on Applications; under Applications settings check the Overlay Navigation bar option for apps that make use of a colour-matched navigation bar.

  • Finally, after setting up the app, exit and see the transformation that results.

That is all you need to do and you are ready to go. You can now see that your screen display is rounded at the corners when using your apps.

You now know what it looks like and how it feels to have your display edges round instead of sharp. Hope this helped you? Leave your questions and suggestions on the comments box below.


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