Get The First $89 Octa-Core LTE and 3GB RAM Smartphone: UMi Rome

With the announcement of UMi Rome, the competition is getting all heated up as the company introduced its latest price/performance smartphone. The pre-order price of UMi Rome is $89.99 while the after launch price of the device is going to be $109.99. Keep in mind that the pricing details have not been included for shipping so you might have to pay more depending on your region.

UMi Rome jfnik

However looking at the fact that you’re getting a smartphone with an octa-core processor present inside MT6753, the price is well worth it. The competition that is going to take place will put UMi Rome against all devices that fall into its pricing range. Keep in mind that the contest will start from November 20 and will end on 30th of the same month.

All you have to do its visit UMi’s website and answer the following question laid out in front of you. There are several smartphone opponents listed on this page, and you will have to answer as to why you want to kill your opponent. The steps have been outlined below:

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  1. Visit UMI forum and click on the option that you feel can be used to defeat your opponent
  2. Choose your ROM weapons to kill your opponent
  3. Comment and share your post to your Facebook timeline
  4. Four lucky winners will be picked randomly on December 1st
  5. Prize: A free $89 octa-core LTE and 3GB RAM smartphone: UMi ROME

As for the remaining specs, UMi Rome has 2,500mAh battery, and a resolution of 720p. There is also a Sony IMX179 13MP camera sensor and s unique LED notification system. For the first time ever, UMi will introduce a phone which will have a front facing LED flash, giving you the opportunity to take the pitch perfect selfies.

As mentioned before, pre-order price of UMi Rome is $89.99, while its after launch price is $109.99 excluding shipping.

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