chromecast 3
chromecast 3

Chromecast offers a lot on its own. To the point that we can even find some games to manage from the phone but having fun on the TV screen. Therefore, today in the Android Guide we collect some games that become very funny thanks to Chromecast. Check!

This gadget created by Google is extremely useful for TVs that are not updated. Chromecast lets you easily share the contents of some apps on your phone with the TV screen.


But not only Netflix, HBO or YouTube are the only apps you can take advantage of, but you can also play from your phone by viewing everything on your TV. We share a small list of

Chromecast compatible games for one or more players.

1) Alien Invaders Chromecast Game

Let’s start with a classic game. Alien Invaders Chromecast game Who has never played with the Martians? Well, now you can’t just play from your phone, but you can launch your game on television so that everyone with you can see or play against you. Up to five players can play. It’s simple but fun!

2) Up Down Fish

Up Down Fish is not the best game in the world, however, it can be very fun to play in a group on your TV. The goal is simple: manage a fish without touching the vertical structures that make up the path. To play on television, just press the “Connect” button.

Although the graphics are too simple, it’s still fun. You will only have one button to control the movements of your fish and it works very well on television.

3) Chess

If you prefer to play chess alone, you can always opt for a classic game like chess. You don’t even need a board, because you can play from your phone against online players. You just need your mobile and television to start playing. You can see the blackboard on the TV screen and perform the movements on the mobile. Super comfortable!

4) Justdance

Dancing in your living room can become a lot of fun for you and your friends. The mythical game Justdance for Wii, also available for mobile devices, can be launched on television so that you and your guests dance to the rhythm of home music. You will have more than 400 songs available to move the skeleton and have fun.

Of course, to make several choreographies below you will have to accumulate coins, an important limitation.

5) Pirate Dice for Chromecast

Pirate Dice for Chromecast another simple but fun game is this. It is a pirate game in which you will have dice with swords, chests and ships. On your phone you just have to shake the dice and the result will be displayed on the television screen. The rules are simple and can be played by two to eight players.

6) Math games

If you’ve always been tough with mathematical calculations, Math games can become your best friend for your mobile and Chromecast. It consists of duels of equations for different devices that you will have to solve. The first to give the correct result will accumulate points on the board. It’s not the game of the century, but it’s fun and you can exercise your mind a little.

7) Angry Birds Friends

The famous game with which you have to launch the birds with a sling Angry Birds Friends is available for your enjoyment on your television via Chromecast. Although not the original game, you can compete in weekly tournaments with online users.

8) Ticky Titans

Ticky Titans another multiplayer game in which you can play up to four people in turn. You will have to create your winning strategy, choosing between defense or attack. Its rules are simple and its strengths are its graphics. It’s worth it!

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