UMi Iron Pro was released almost a month ago, and it has already become one of UMi most famous devices. This smartphone incorporates interesting features such as an Octa-Core Processor, 3GB RAM, a 13-megapixel Sony sensor, 3 types of biometric security including one-step fingerprint authentication, or USB Type-C connection.

100 reasons why you shall buy UMi Iron Pro

UMi has made a series of videos showing every feature present in this device, so users can see what it is capable of. The videos can be found on UMi Community, and also at UMi Mobile Youtube Channel. These series include a lot of videos including a full review, or explanations about its main features.

This smartphone offers high-end features such as one-step fingerprint ID, voice unlock, eyeprint authentication or Type-C USB connection at a midrange price. Nevertheless, UMi Iron Pro is not just an innovative device but is also extremely powerful. This device incorporates a MediaTek MTK 6753 processor, 3 GB RAM and a Full HD screen, making it an excellent device in every aspect.

UMi Iron Pro videos

As mentioned above, UMi Iron Pro offers high-end features; nevertheless, it has a very attractive price, since it can be purchased for only $179.99. However, UMi and some of the most important worldwide online stores have started a new promotion, so users can buy this device with a $30 discount, this is, $149.99. Moreover, users can also pay the normal $179.99 price for this device, and, in that case, they will get free tempered glass and original protective case.

Usually, high-end devices have a prohibitive price, only affordable for a minority. Nevertheless, through this promotion, UMi is making UMi Iron Pro affordable for everyone. This means that users would not settle for just reading its specifications, but they can check for themselves what it is capable of. This promotion is available at Amazon, Antelife, CooliCool, eFox, Banggood and BlackPeach, some of the most reputable online stores worldwide.

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“Pay as you wish” campaign is now open for international journalists

UMi Iron Pro has become one of the most popular devices of the moment. Proof of this is that, since its release, it has been reviewed by some of the most important Android related websites and YouTube channels, such as GizChina or AV Tests. Nevertheless, UMi decided to offer this device to hundreds of journalists all around the world, so they can test and review this phone, showing how powerful it is. For this reason, UMi has recently launched the “Pay as you wish” campaign, which allows journalists to receive an UMI Iron in order to review it. This device is so attractive that journalist will want to keep it for themselves after trying it. For this reason, after 7 days of use, they will be able to pay the amount they wish for the device.

This campaign not only allows journalists to test this amazing phone and pay whatever they want for it, but provides users with multiples reviews and opinions about the UMi Iron Pro, which is always positive when planning to buy a new device. Furthermore, the authors of the 5 top rated reviews will receive an UMi Rome for free, so they can also review it.

Get an UMi Iron Pro for free

Given the success of this device, UMi has decided to give its followers the opportunity to receive one unit for free, so that users can see for themselves the potential of this smartphone.

giveaway 2845

In order to participate in the giveaway, users need to log into their Facebook or UMi community account, choose their favorite from among the “Pay as you wish” campaign reviews, which are already available on UMi website and leave a comment saying why they agree with that specific review. As shown, the requirements are very simple, so everyone can participate and have the chance to receive this amazing device for free.

Users can submit their votes from December 14th to December 31st, and the winner will be picked randomly among all participants at January 1st.



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