GIPHY doesn't work on Instagram? here is what to do

In early 2018, the GIPHY video sharing service added Instagram to its list of integrated apps. GIPHY integration has been a much-awaited feature for many people. Unfortunately, it still remains a little flawed on some devices. Due to the nature of the interaction between the two apps, the problem could be caused at both ends.

This article addresses some of the factors that can cause problems for GIPHY and explains how to correct them. Most of the tips in this article are general procedures that can be applied to any app, so it's a good idea to run them for both GIPHY and Instagram.


The name GIPHY is a bit misleading. GIPHY is a database for MP4 files, not GIFs. To use a video from the database, you will start the process in GIPHY instead of Instagram. After selecting the video you want to publish, tap the Instagram icon in the GIPHY sharing options. You will then choose to upload to your feed or stories.

When you are redirected to Instagram, post your posts as you normally would. Add captions, filters, and tags. At the end, the video will be published on your Instagram.


Start your troubleshooting process by making sure everything is updated to the latest version. Start by checking for software updates on your device. On Android phones, you can conveniently find the Software Updates section in the Settings menu.

The device should be updated automatically, but perform a manual update for good measure. On iOS devices, the software update option is located in the General section in Settings. Make sure you have enough space available for updates.

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Now let's move on to the apps. To update apps on Android, start Play Store and tap the Menu icon to the left of the search bar. From the menu, select My apps and games, then on the following screen, tap Update all.

The process is even easier on iOS. Just launch the App Store on your device and touch the Updates icon. On the updates screen, tap the Update All button. You will be asked to enter your credentials and then all your apps will be updated.


The cache memory of previous versions can cause many problems, so it's a good idea to make sure everything is deleted. Android users can do this on their app screen. In the Settings menu, tap App and find the GIPHY app. Touch it and then tap Storage.

In the Storage menu, tap the Clear cache button and wait a few seconds. Repeat the same operation for Instagram. This will not affect your application's performance at all.

For iOS devices, the same can be done by going to Settings and then tapping General. In the General menu, tap iPhone Storage (or iPad, etc.) and find the app you want to delete. When you access the app screen, tap the Restore Cache button on next boot. The deleted cache memory will create a clean slate when you start your apps again and hopefully solve the problem.

For a more direct approach, you can completely reinstall the apps. Uninstall them from your device and download them again from your app store. This will perform the cache clearing operation and will also clear all the app data. After reinstalling Instagram, you will need to log in to the service again, but all the folders will remain on the device.

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This may seem a bit strange, but it has a great track record with Samsung users in particular. For Android, visit the beta tester registration page and opt for the program. All you have to do is uninstall Instagram and find it in the Play Store. Instead of downloading the public version, you will be redirected to download the beta test version of Instagram.

On iOS, sign up for the Apple Beta Software program. Sign up for your device in the program, then go to Configure your profile, then find the beta version of Instagram in the General section of the Settings menu.

The beta tests will make some features available in their early versions. This could mean a non-perfect user experience, but it will be mostly imperceptible.


GIPHY is a very powerful tool to enrich your Instagram experience. We hope that some of the information contained in this article will help you solve the problems you are experiencing. Remember that, to publish videos, start with GIPHY and then transfer to Instagram.

If you're having problems with apps, try updating your device and app versions. If all else fails, become a beta tester and you may even have access to some clean features that you didn't even know existed.

Do you think videos are intrinsically better at communicating something than images? What is your favorite way to use them on social media? Share your opinions in the comments below and let us know if these suggestions have helped you solve your problems with GIPHY and Instagram.

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