A Child Girl’s iPhone 6 Exploded; It Lead To Burning Holes In Her Blanket

We are getting to hear about smartphone of various tech companies catching fire. This time, it’s an old iPhone which caught fire in Bakersfield, California.

According to WashingtonPost, an 11-year-old girl named Kayla Ramos was sitting in her sister’s bedroom and was playing with her iPhone 6. She used her iPhone mostly to watch YouTube videos and also allowed her siblings to user her iPhone 6.

However, she never experienced any type of problem with her device but the situation changed last week. Her iPhone 6 began to spark and then exploded when it was thrown on the blanket. The spark coming out of the phone burnt several holes in the blanket.

After this incident, Kayla’s mother contacted Apple and informed the company regarding this situation. Apple asked her mother to provide some photos of the exploded iPhone and submit the device as well.

iphone-6-exploded photo

Maria Adata who is Kayla’s mother after knowing this incident shared her concern, “This could have been my child. My child could have been caught on fire and she could have been hurt more and I am glad she’s OK”. This statement was given to 23 ABC NEWS.

Kayla Ramos used to charge her phone many times a day and this might be one of the reasons for a sudden explosion. In addition to this reason, the use of duplicate cable for charging and getting the phone repaired from unauthorized stores can also be considered.

Kayla’s mother is happy that her daughter is safe. In the meantime, Kayla is spending time with her sisters maintaining a distance from the exploded iPhone and waiting for the new one to arrive.

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