GIVEAWAY #1: TecHLectoR Phone Giveaway; time to win Infinix NOTE 4


This is our very first smartphone giveaway since we launched this blog in 2015, and that is why we tagged it as #1. You might be wondering why it took us that long? Well, maybe we were just waiting for the right time, or we never gave it much thought. Well, it is finally here.

It’s been almost three years, and the simple fact is that your support is one of the major factors that keeps us going. I just have to say a big thank you! J

TecHLectoR has a lot of readers that will be interested in this giveaway, but some may not be interested in this if they have an iPhone or the latest Galaxy phone. #winks We promise to come up with more giveaways as time goes on.


Only a winner is going to emerge, and the prize is listed below:

Brand new Infinix NOTE 4 smartphone worth over $139 (appx. N50,000)

This Infinix NOTE 4 is an ostentatious Phablet that enjoys a few valuable features that simply can not be overlooked. A powerful and durable battery with fast charging, a colourful and ergonomic design, high-performance octa-core processor, are just some of its many features. If you want to know more about the Note 4 from Infinix, click here.

To participate, just complete all entries below. The higher your entries the higher your chance of taking this prize home for FREE!

Infinix NOTE 4

NOTE: daily actions allow you to reset a particular action every day for a user to enter again and increase chances of winning. They reset at midnight on the timezone you set your competition up on.

Every entry after successful completion will be marked with blue. Please make sure you use your real/working email as that will be the only means to contact the winner.

The competition will end on 31st of March and winner will be announced in seven days time after the completion has finished.

Good luck!

By the way, I am thinking of having a monthly giveaway, what do you think?

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  1. I can’t even say that this is how I love this phone/giveaway
    but what I feel is that my love for this phone is exceptional because it is an amazing and perfect giveaway from amazing,super nice, and perfect people.I know this phone specifications are beyond excellence.
    I wonder how Joyous I will be if i should be the winner.
    I wonder how more popular you will be if i am to win this phone.
    I will try my best to make your fans populous if I should be the winner.
    TECHLECTOR.I love this giveaway
    please have favour on me.

  2. I pray to be favoured to win this beautiful Infinix Note 4. I love all specifications of the phone most especially the sharp camera to beautify my beads business so that all my clients who I made beads for will fall in love with the bead picture sent to them. I really don’t have a phone that has sharp camera like Infinix Note 4. God please help me.

  3. I just got an online job and I need a phone with such features like infinix note 4 ,and I think techlector are live changer thanks for giving me the chance to win these.

  4. I saw the ads on Instagram and decided to try my luck? I would like to win this monster phone because i am a huge fan of Infinix smartphones but unfortunately I can’t afford one. Thanks

  5. There’s a high probability of me not getting this phone.
    But this is a great work from Techlector…. God bless you guys!!

  6. I really really really need a source of life, business and success story upgrade… With the features in this INFINIX NOTE4… It’s going to be a smooth high-way ride for me, everyone and anything I set my heart to achieve!!

  7. Nice I hope I win these its really helping people achieve their dream cause I need a phone with that feature to start my online business

  8. I must really commend the effort of all the management of techlector for this great opportunity. Hopefully am the lucky winner of the awesome device!! Thanks so much

  9. I congratulate TL organizing this giveaway.
    I´d like to get this smartphone to upgrade my actual LG Spirit and use the Infinix brand in Mexico where they don´t have commercial presence: I wll be the first user and will talk about it with my honest opinion.
    Godd day!

  10. Hi, i got to know about this giveaway when i saw a link to this website on my facebook TL, i decided to check it out and i saw the giveaway and decided to participate. I would love to win the phone because i love infinix products but i don’t have money to buy and own one(i am a student and you know say student no get money).Also, my current phone is so bad, its equal to not having a phone. so, i would appreciate if this opportunity is given to me to own this phone because i would try my best to meet all the requirements. Thanks in advance. i

  11. I really need a smartphone because the smartphone am currently using is faulty and which is restricting me from doing my programs in the university,having this smartphone is a great plus to me,and I will be very glad and thankfull to our admin because am a legit reader of this blog since from 2017,coming to the other side of the smartphone,i can see that the smartphone looks nice and even the specs are great and I would have love to win this smartphone,good work from techlector for coming up with this awesome giveaway.

  12. This is definitely a big upgrade. I’m very pleased. The infinix note 4 gives what it promises. Will surely be a nice phone to use. Congrats in advance to the lucky fella.

  13. Woooow i love this smartphone giveaway, i pray to God to be the winner of this Infinix NOTE 4 smartphone giveaway. I enter this blog every blessed day and am really enjoying the good work of you GUYS here. Please you GUYS TECHLECTOR should just pity for me and giveaway this Infinix NOTE 4 smartphone to me. I’m a poor boy, Am using Nokia Asha-210 since 3yrs and i dont have money to buy a new 4 smartphone.

    The monthly giveaway is very very good and it will bring more people to Techlector blog, so keep it up………..


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