GIVEAWAY #1: TecHLectoR Phone Giveaway; time to win Infinix NOTE 4


This is our very first smartphone giveaway since we launched this blog in 2015, and that is why we tagged it as #1. You might be wondering why it took us that long? Well, maybe we were just waiting for the right time, or we never gave it much thought. Well, it is finally here.

It’s been almost three years, and the simple fact is that your support is one of the major factors that keeps us going. I just have to say a big thank you! J

TecHLectoR has a lot of readers that will be interested in this giveaway, but some may not be interested in this if they have an iPhone or the latest Galaxy phone. #winks We promise to come up with more giveaways as time goes on.


Only a winner is going to emerge, and the prize is listed below:

Brand new Infinix NOTE 4 smartphone worth over $139 (appx. N50,000)

This Infinix NOTE 4 is an ostentatious Phablet that enjoys a few valuable features that simply can not be overlooked. A powerful and durable battery with fast charging, a colourful and ergonomic design, high-performance octa-core processor, are just some of its many features. If you want to know more about the Note 4 from Infinix, click here.

To participate, just complete all entries below. The higher your entries the higher your chance of taking this prize home for FREE!

Infinix NOTE 4

NOTE: daily actions allow you to reset a particular action every day for a user to enter again and increase chances of winning. They reset at midnight on the timezone you set your competition up on.

Every entry after successful completion will be marked with blue. Please make sure you use your real/working email as that will be the only means to contact the winner.

The competition will end on 31st of March and winner will be announced in seven days time after the completion has finished.

Good luck!

By the way, I am thinking of having a monthly giveaway, what do you think?

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when is the next give-away please

salmat ajibola


Musa Nasirudeen

I can’t sleep I am just praying and doing my very best to win the Infinix Note from TecHLecTor and I just pray to get Lucky and win this amazing smartphone!

Musa Nasirudeen

I am still just praying to win this Infinix Note 4 smartphone because now I am just phoneless! I have to be borrowing phone to come online and see the latest post/updates by Techlector because my Itel P31 screen just got damage about few days ago ( the phone mistakenly fell on the ground and the screen got damage in the process ) and that’s why I am just doing my very best now to win this Infinix Note 4 smartphone from Techlector and I just pray to get Lucky and win the smartphone and onceagain Thanks alot to Techlector… Read more »

Miss Nasirudeen

Goodmorning techlector team! It’s seems Techlector team are on Easter Holiday I guess because there was no updates for phones specs features and price yesterday been Easter Sunday but all the same I am wishing Techlector team and everyone happy celebration and holiday meanwhile I am still praying to win the Infinix Note 4 smartphone from Techlector team and I will continue doing my best and I pray I get lucky to win the Infinix Note 4 smartphone! Thank you

Musa Nasirudeen

I am just praying now to get lucky and win the Infinix Note 4 smartphone from Techlector because I just so much needed the smartphone now so that I can have a nice smartphone and I am still just praying to get lucky and win it

Musa Nasirudeen

Everything that has a beginning surely has an end and as this #1 Giveaway by Techlector team is about to end I want to once again use this medium to Thank Techlector team for this Great and Massive opportunity to ( WE ) their amazing Fans and follower to stand a chance of winning this Super Awesome smartphone which is the Infinix Note 4 for free from them (Techlector) and in every competition they must be a winner though everybody can’t win! We all did our individual best to win the Infinix Note 4 smartphone but only a winner can… Read more »

Jerry Marquardt

My whole family would benefit from this really fine extra special phone. We all thank you for the great giveaway!

Adenike raimat

Finally it is the last day just waiting for the winner to be announced

Hiep Truong

This is a so cool giveaway, I want to win this giveaway so much

Aminu Sheshi

Finally it’s today praying hard to be able to win this giveaway


At this juncture, all I have to do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. God help me…

salmat ajibola

Finally, its the last day. So anxious right now. Thoughts like ” hope I have not been wasting my time like this if I don’t win eventually” keeps crossing my mind. But all the same, I am saying thank you and God bless you to TECHLECTOR on behalf of whoever wins


Just got an email from a friend
Hope i am the lucky one to win this

Aminu Sheshi

Finally 45 hours left can’t wait

Musa Nasirudeen

I am seriously praying to win the Infinix Note 4 smartphone from techlector team! The countdown is almost complete and I am just seriously praying to win and I am doing my very best Andi pray to get lucky

salmat ajibola

still eagerly waiting on the announcement


Just hours to the countdown. Hoping to get an Easter surprise from this giveaway.

Musa Nasirudeen

I am still praying and doing my very best to win the Infinix Note 4 smartphone and I just pray to get lucky to win

Adenike raimat

I have put my all best hope to win