In this piece, We will be looking at what Gmail Confidential Mode is and how to make use of this newly added feature.

A lot of stuff was unveiled at the Google I/O 2018, One worthy of note was the New Gmail Web Interface which saw not only an overhaul in design but also some new features like the Gmail Smart Compose and Now Gmail Confidential Mode. One can help but wonder what other tricks Gmail has up its sleeve.

What Is Gmail Confidential Mode?

Gmail Confidential Mode like the name suggests lets you send Confidential emails. Confidential emails can be set to self-destruct after a period time. That’s not all, Confidential emails can be copied, forwarded or be printed out into a hard copy. However, you can still take a screenshot of the email so there’s that.

Hopefully, Gmail works on it as it practically v1.0 and improves on it as there is still work to be done if it is actually going to be truly “Confidential”. I guess we have no other option than to wait and see.

Gmail Web Interface Still The Same As Always?

If you were wondering what I meant by New Gmail Web Interface then you are probably still in the Old Gmail Web Interface, also know “Classic Gmail”. For you to be able to enjoy these new features, you will have to migrate to the New Gmail. Don’t worry, you can switch back if you end up not liking the new interface. To Switch to the New Gmail Interface, follow the steps below.

  • Open The Gmail Website On Your PC.
  • Log In and Click on Settings. (Gear Icon at the top right side of the screen)

  • The First option from the drop-down menu will be the Try New Gmail Option.

  • Click on it and wait for it to load.

This will take you to the New Gmail Web Interface. This is where you will be able to use not only the Gmail Confidential Mode but also the Gmail Smart Compose Feature. If any other new features are released, you will also have to be on the new Gmail to be able to use it.

If you do not like this interface and would like to revert back to the old one then simply Click on the Gear Icon again and Select Go to Classic Gmail from the drop-down menu.

How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode

Now that you are in the New Gmail, we can now go ahead and use the Confidential Mode feature.

  • Create A New Email Message.

  • In the options below is where you will see the Confidential Mode Icon(Lock Icon with a clock in front) just beside the Add Picture Icon at the bottom of the email message.

  • Click On the Icon to set up the Confidential Mode; Choose a time frame for the email message after which it self-destructs and if the email will require the recipient to verify his/her phone number via a passcode before being able to read the email message.
  • The Lock Icon with a clock at the front lets you know you in the Confidential Mode.

  • Write your email message and send.

  • Voila, you just sent a Confidential Email.

    If for some reason you decide to change your mind on the expiration date of the email, you can simply go to your Sent Folder in your Gmail and immediately destruct the email.

    This feature works seamlessly if both the sent sender and the recipient are both using Gmail. However, if the recipient is not using Gmail, then he will be greeted with a link in his Email which he/she will have to click on to be able to view its contents through a web browser.


    It’s nice that the Gmail Web is getting a facelift and also some new and juicy features. Hopefully, these features make its way to Android’s Gmail App sooner rather than later.

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