After a long wait, all Android smartphones finally received support for smart writing in the Gmail application. This feature was previously exclusive to Google Pixel 3.

This feature will certainly be very useful for users who write many emails on their smartphone. When you begin to write your message, you will see several suggestions come up to complete the sentence. To confirm the suggestion, you only need to slide your finger on the suggestion so that it is used in the text.

Smart writing will offer you suggestions based on your writing habits and also through a database that contains a vast list of the most used phrases in writing emails. It is important to highlight that, unlike many new features, it already comes with support for Portuguese.

Smart writing in Gmail finally reaches all Android smartphones

This feature has long been available for the Web version of Gmail. However, it was only made available to smartphones during the Google event in October last year.

Although it was a much-desired functionality by users, the Mountain View company decided that this implementation was exclusive to Google Pixel 3. Although it has not been perceived as the reasons for this limitation, the wait has finally come to an end.

According to Android Police, any Android smartphone that has at least version 9.2.3 of Gmail, will be able to enjoy this useful functionality. During first use, you will be presented with a short notification that explains the basic features of smart writing.


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