Gmail for Android launches its new design

A few weeks ago it was announced that an important design change was coming for Gmail on Android. The mail app was going to bet on a new interface, with a greater presence of Material Design in it. It is committed to a cleaner design in it, which will allow more comfortable use of it by users.

Gmail for Android launches its new design

Finally, this new design of the mail application on Android is now available to everyone. The new version of the app can be downloaded already in the Play Store.


Gmail opens design

In this new version of Gmail, we can see that the white color has a great role. The app becomes cleaner in terms of design. Everything is now much more visual for users. In addition, the icons have been modified in the side menu, in addition to changing the position of some of the functions in the app. Nothing important, it's simply a matter of getting used to the new location of them.

On the other hand, the user is asked what version they want to use when they enter the app. So that it fits better to what each one needs. In all cases, we have this minimalist design in the application, which allows very comfortable use.

From yesterday it is already possible to download this new version of Gmail on Android. Users who have the app will have already received this update on their phones. So that you can enjoy the new design. What do you think about this design change in the mail app?


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