Gmail Update brings feature that potentially increases productivity

Just the 7.11 version of the official Google application for Gmail has been released, bringing a light colour navigation bar to prevent burn-in on some devices.

But beyond that change, Search Giant has also implemented a feature that should boost productivity when using the app: a shortcut bar.

At the moment, it is only present on devices running Android 8.1, such as Pixel and Pixel 2 are displaying the feature, which interestingly, still does not bring possibilities of customization.

Shortcut menu appears only on devices with Android 8.1 Oreo

With this, Google will gradually, making Gmail increasingly interesting; the app is also endowed with the ability to undelete email, and he can as well manage Google accounts directly from your phone.

It is worth remembering also that the app was just contemplated with a series of extensions, which will be very useful for several users.

Gradually, all these features, which for now are only present in the version of the Android app, should also reach the iOS.

You can download the latest gmail app below:

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