is only via the internet, goodbye cables, antennas and more in favor of a single internet connection that carries more and more information. It’s called IPTV and translates into TV via the internet, where you just need an internet connection and a tool that connects to access thousands of streaming multimedia content and in many cases for free.

You always hear more insistently about IPTV lists, free lists to watch TV, Paccotto, Android TV Box for IPTV, Smart TV with IPTV, Amazon Fire TV Stick IPTV, Android IPTV or iOS IPTV and these are just a few ways to search of the famous lists that include a series of links of content, is is like satellite and digital terrestrial television, to be seen in streaming, paying a small subscription or even free .

It is not difficult to find free IPTV lists on the internet, and simply by searching on Google appear dozens of results with all the links of portals, services, and addresses where to find and buy free or paid IPTV lists.

Today, however, I want to share with you, a strange case where on one of the major world stores, AliExpress, you can find IPTV lists of all kinds and very easily, like buying on a regular online store, safe and without cheating.

For example opening this link, we can find dozens and dozens of lists IPTV icon prices ranging from a few euros, even less than 3 euros per month, up to over 10 euros with lists, where see hundreds of channels , and even a mega list of movies, TV series, documentaries, cartoons, and even adult channels, paying a small monthly subscription.

There are IPTV lists from around the world, where there are also lists with over 20,000 content, including over 5000 live streaming channels and over 15,000 streaming content between movies and TV series for all tastes.

Reading on the net you can read all enthusiastic comments where among all the lists on the list, for a price that varies between 3 and 10 euros a month you have access to thousands of content, all of the quality and that never get stuck.

Of course, the 3-euro lists have some non-functioning channels or blocks and slowdowns in the vision, while the more expensive ones, in general from 7-8 euros per month, are much more stable, higher quality and with many channels always up to date.


Our advice is to pay a regular subscription but in any case on the internet alternative methods are available, which the pirates study so as not to pay substantial subscriptions. The guide is for information purposes only and does not want to encourage piracy.

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