Essential Phone PH-1

Essential Phone was one of the smartphones that made a lot of talk about itself last year, although the initial sales were not exceptional, the company has been following the software development very carefully, releasing significant improvements. But those who wanted an Essential Phone 2 will be disappointed, especially considering that even the company itself could be sold.

Essential Phone PH-1

After receiving numerous private investments from companies such as Amazon and Redpoint Ventures, the company founded by the creator of Android, Andy Rubin, has conducted a market investigation related to a hypothetical sale and seems to be seriously considering this solution. All company patents and past and future hardware projects should be offered for sale.

This means that we will never see Essential Phone 2, to which the company was working concretely and in favor of which it had renounced the development of other hardware products. The alternative for the company would be to sign a partnership with Foxconn, in order to have an easier life in hardware development and keep at least a slice of the smartphone market.

Certainly, the situation is not simple for Essential, which has always had to face unforeseen difficulties such as the resignation of some employees a few months from the foundation. We will return to update you on the matter as soon as there will be further developments.


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