All references to Android tablets were suddenly removed from the official Android website. However, this action does not yet appear to end this device.

Android tablets removed from Android website

Google mistakenly removed the tablet section from the official Android website. Yesterday not only the tab disappeared. Visitors who used the direct web address were also sent back to the main page.

So it seemed that Google was finished with the Android tablet. That is not a crazy idea, because there is not much tension in the tablet market. The tablets that Google mentions on the page are also outdated. According to Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer, however, it was no more than a bug while updating the website.

The tablet page is back, with information about the Pixel CNvidia Shield Tablet K1Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. In addition to tablets, the website also provides information about Telephones, Wear, Android TV and Enterprise.

In the reactions to Lockheimer’s tweet, people are not convinced that it was a bug. Alice tweeted: “Yes, it is probably a bug;)”. And Dexter M: “Nice, but can someone fix the bug where Google has forgotten to make Nexus / Pixel tablets?”

It would also be a strange bug, causing both the page and the references to the page to disappear. It is no secret that the Android tablet has no priority at Google. Chrome OS also starts to make its way to tablets. Is it really a bug, or a sign on the wall?

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