Google: Android is becoming more secure. But only with the Google Play Store

Google has just said that the Android system is safer, however, you need Google Play Store support to make it happen.

It’s a fact. Android is more insecure than Apple’s iOS system. All because Apple limits too many users on your operating system. Since Google’s Android system is an Open Source, there are a thousand and one forms of applications wanting to get more information out of their due.

But Google has been working to make the system more and more secure. For that to happen, according to the Mountain View company, users need to download their apps from the Google Play Store and set aside “APKs” that promise worlds and funds.

Installing applications only through the Google Play Store is critical to Android system security

That’s why every time we publish some APK at 4gnews we’re sure it’s real. In other words, installing an APK on your smartphone is installing something that did not go through the Google Play Store and Play Protect. That is, safety in the application by the American company has not been verified.

Yet it is not infallible. According to Google, only .08% of smartphones that only use the Google Play Store to install applications are affected by potentially dangerous applications.

In short, if you install APKs on your smartphone you are sure where you install them. Sneaky websites are the main cause of concern. Here at TecHLecToR we are very careful when we provide APKs for installation and so we will continue.

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