Google Argues That Huawei's Ban Could Be More 'Risky' For US National Security

The worlds second largest smartphone making company Huawei is currently under a 90- day relief period provided by the Trump administration. After the relief period gets over Huawei will be again added to the US trade blacklist and the Chinese company will not be able to use Googe's Android and its service on their upcoming smartphones.

However, Huwaie was knowing it from before that they could face a situation like this in the future and so they have already prepared for this. The company is putting a lot of effort to release its new Android alternative operations system as soon as possible in the market for its upcoming smartphones. The name of the OS is suggested to be Ark OS.

Now Huawei US ban event has taken a new turn and we are getting to hear that according to Financial Times's sources, Google has strictly warned the US government that banning Huawei could lead to a more dangerous and risky threat to the US.

According to Google, there will be two different versions of Android - genuine and hybrid. Huawei will be using the hybrid version of Android. And the hybrid version has more bugs in it then the genuine one provided by Google so Huawei phones will be more at risk of getting hacked.

Reports from the Financial Times reveals that the executive of the Google company has been in contact with the US Department of Commerce and the company has requested the department to remove the ban on Huawei or provide more time it.

FaceApp is reported by US Senator and may be investigated by the FBI

It's not that Google is only the US company expressing its concern, the other companies like Qualcomm, Arm etc are also expressing their concern regarding the Huawei ban. Their business model will be seriously affected by this ban as Huawei the second largest smartphone maker company in the world. And everyone knows that no business means no money.

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