Fresh update regarding Google Assistant is helping people in developing nations to connect those who have been cut off. This technology is helping people in these countries to communicate.

Google’s voice recognition artificial intelligence (AI) is used to benefit people in developing nations. Most of these places have been cut off from modern day technology.

Google records great success from accomplishment derived from its partnership with an Indian mobile carrier Jio. Together, the two companies have been able to integrate Jio’s digital helper into an affordable feature phone.

It is at the fore-front of the companies to help utilize voice as a leveling technology and in doing this, digital assistants come in very handy.

Though the feature has been very successful, the Google partnership is not with an Android company. As such, many people have expressed surprise at the accomplishment. Of course, Jio has witnessed enormous business growth since the Google partnership started.

At the moment, Google’s voice –controlled Assistant is available on over 500 million devices worldwide. It works on smartphones, smart speakers, TVs, tablets, and smartwatches.

Other Voice assistants are Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri software. However, in India, the technology uses JioPhone. The phone sports a retro numeric keypad and costs about RS. 1,500. It also features a large button that users can press and hold to launch Google Assistant, which can be used to ask questions by searching online, playing music, setting timers, etc.

The JioPhone software speaks aloud to the user in reply and also could refer them to their phones for information.

Those using the JioPhone need not be literate, they need not be able to read or type messages, but they can talk extensively and receive results. The good thing is that technology is being brought to benefit a large number of people in areas where technology would normally not penetrate.

Google has done more to enable its Assistant to recognize and work with a range of languages and dialects. Through the search service, Google is doing much to retain trust and it positively promotes that using the Assistant program. Those who have the Assistant receive unbiased news and information that they count on.


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