Google Ban On Huawei: No Future Updates For Huawei Android Devices

Google has suspended its business with the Chinese tech giant Huawei. This has been done after the restriction imposed by the US government. This step has been taken by US president Donald Trump.

The US government on May 15 passed an order according to which the telecom parts and services from other countries cannot be imported directly without the approval of the government. Huawei's name was not explicitly mentioned in the order, but the Trump administration added Huawei to the trade blacklist which will stop this company from doing any business in the US.

Huawei name was in the top position of the entity list. It is so because the US government suspects that the Chinese government with the help of Huawei can spy on activities in the US and other countries of the world. These allegations have been denied by the Huawei and one of its top managers had responded to it as a "nonsense" in an interview.

According to the reports by Reuters, the Chinese tech company Huawei will lose access to "Android License" and will not receive any future Android OS updates. And the upcoming Android smartphones of this company will be deprived of popular services like Gmail, Play Store, and YouTube apps.

According to the sources, "Huawei will only be able to use the public version of Android and will be deprived of proprietary apps and Google's services."

Google has confirmed that the existing Huawei users will be able to update their apps via play store, download security updates & patches and use other services of blacklisted huawei

This ban will affect definitely Huawei's smartphone business around the world. However, sources say that Huawei has developed an OS of their own to tackle this situation. But it is still unclear that this OS will be based on Android or a completely new one.

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