Long ago Google began working with the Pentagon called Maven Project. It is a system based on artificial intelligence applied to drones. But the company has decided to cancel this collaboration, so they will abandon the project next year. This has already been communicated internally in the company. So that soon it will be officially announced.

Google cancels the AI project for military purposes

The company does not intend to continue collaborating with the US Department of Defense, therefore, they will wait for the contract to expire that lasts a year. After this date, they will not renew the contract and the collaboration will be definitively canceled.

Google will not collaborate with the Pentagon

The news is not really a surprise, because there have been many controversies around this Project Maven. In fact, Google had been looking for a way out of this agreement for a few months now. And they have bet on this, apparently. The company was also drafting a code of ethics for artificial intelligence and its application in various fields.

But many employees protested the use of this technology for military purposes. In fact, there were workers who resigned and left the company because of it. Thanks to this system, entire cities could be monitored or people could be identified with great precision.

Despite the dangers, Google continued with its development, until now. Because the company will finally abandon this project, thanks to which they obtained an annual income of 250 million dollars. Now, they will have to look for other areas to obtain this income.

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