Today, January first, we begin another year. Although we ended 2017 with a complicated political scenario in Nigeria and the world, nothing prevents a bit of optimism from starting 2018 with good energy.

It was thinking about Google that launched a Doodle to celebrate the new cycle with friendly penguins – the same ones who starred in the Christmas special. At the time, the two penguins toucans and macaws went to spend the holidays with some friends, who apparently live in the USA.

Following the story, the penguins return to accompany the first sunrise of 2018 in their icy home. If you go to Google’s homepage now, you’ll be able to follow every step of the bird’s vacation – starting on the 18th, going through the 25th, 31st, and 1st of January.

You’ll also find a widget with a poll asking what’s your favorite part of the year-round. You can choose from the countdown to midnight, fireworks, New Year’s resolutions or kisses at midnight ❤️.

We at TechLector thank all the readers who accompanied us in 2017. It was a year of great growth, with welcome new members in the team and greater efforts to bring the most relevant news and best reviews. As a result, our website was recently listed on Google News, which means, we are now fully prepared to start giving you breaking tech news starting today.

We wish everyone a year of many accomplishments, achievements, and growth. These are the votes of our team, which will continue to bring everything that happens in the world of technology in 2018.


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