Google Chrome
Google Chrome

A couple of weeks ago the design of Google Chrome was radically changed, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. It seems that the news continues to reach the browser, which now introduces a new feature. You can already read fingerprints, although the function is compatible for now with Android and macOS. A function that was originally going to be introduced a few weeks ago.

Google Chrome already reads fingerprints on Android and macOS

It is a function that is already present in the new beta of the browser. Offer this support for those devices that have an integrated fingerprint reader.

Fingerprints in Google Chrome

It already has support for Android phones that have a fingerprint sensor and those Macbook with Touch ID. So if you have a device that has this feature, you can use this new feature in Google Chrome. You can use it to verify the identity of the user, such as being able to log in without using a password. A system similar to that used in mobile phones.

At the moment there will not be many web pages that support this function. Although the hope of Google Chrome is that more and more web pages are going to introduce it officially. So users can identify themselves using their fingerprint.

This function is already in the beta of the browser. We do not know when the stable version will arrive, although it should not take too long. Then you can start using this feature more generally.

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