chrome dark mode logo
chrome dark mode logo

The trial version of Google Chrome, Canary, finally received dark mode or dark mode in its Android version. This was probably in the context of the release of Android Q.

The future Android operating system will have a button to turn dark mode across the whole system. In this sense, Chrome is one of the products that has no dark mode until now.

The new function is active through the # enable-android-night-mode-flag command that causes a button to appear in the app settings. This button allows you to turn the dark mode on and off according to preference.

The first step in putting Google Chrome “in the dark”

As we can see, this mode darkens and adds contrast to the interface. This dark mode will also be compatible with the new address bar design titled Chrome Duet.

However, there are some edges to file that are noticeable in this preliminary version. There is plenty of dark text on the dark background, some buttons show wrong colors, and the navigation bar remains white.

In addition, an automatic on/off option has not yet been implemented. After all, the dark mode mainly serves to darken the interface at night time, making it easier to see.

In any case, it is only a matter of time before these problems are resolved. The first developer version of Android Q is expected to come out very soon and bug fixes should be reflected in this release.

To experiment with the dark mode you need to install Chrome Canary from the Play Store and follow a few steps. Copy and paste into the address bar chrome: // flags # enable-android-night-mode and choose “enabled” from the menu.

Finally, you must restart the application for the change to take effect and you must have the dark mode active. To disable it, just go to the Google Chrome settings.

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