chrome dark mode logo
chrome dark mode logo

That’s good news for the eyes of those who use Google Chrome. Version 73 of the browser has officially come with some improvements, including the long-awaited dark mode. However, for now, it is only available to MacOS users.

The dark mode was announced by Google last month, but its release finally makes it official. If you have your Mac in dark mode and Google Chrome does not match the call, just update your browser. Once you do, Google Chrome will stay that way for as long as you want.

Incidentally, you should not confuse colors with anonymously. Basically, you will feel great similarities of appearance because the colors are basically the same. Not that it was not possible to put themes in Google Chrome, but an update of these puts things at the level of the system.

Chrome with dark mode on your Macbook or iMac

As long as the user has their operating system set to dark mode, Google Chrome will match. That is to say, the manual changes are finished, everything works autonomously.

If you do not like the new look of the browser, but you want to stay ‘dark’ in your macOS, you’ll have to choose a theme to ‘clarify’. As for Windows users, they still have to wait for the update to take advantage of this mode officially in their operating system.

Personally, I use ‘dark mode’ in everything I can. Be it in text tools, social networks where I’m given this possibility or in Safari and Reddit. The eyes thank you, and the useful life of your devices as well. It’s a matter of time before we can choose which side we want to live on (the light or the dark).

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