google chrome 3
google chrome 3

The Google Chrome browser is now getting a new update for both desktop and Android mobile system. Regarding the  PC, we will now have the “Not Safe” mode for all HTTP pages, while the mobile version comes with a fix against the Specter vulnerability. 

According to what has been revealed, the Mobile Chrome version is also getting a horizontal tab switcher that looks like the Recent Android menu. In addition, regarding the  Specter virus fix, the update brings a security feature called Site Isolation, which processes pages in separate processes to prevent malicious websites from obtaining sensitive information, such as passwords, cookies, and additional data.

This feature, however, can be turned on and off manually with the “chrome: // flags / # enable-site-per-process” flag. It is worth remembering that Google’s browser is struggling to stay free of viruses and intruders that make victims in both the mobile version and the version for Desktop. 

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