A statement is out now that says the Google Chrome will clamp down on adverts that are malicious starting from Christmas period. In addition, that move is made by Google to cut off revenue for websites that flout its rule and regulations against malicious advertorials.

The statement reads that starting in December 2018, Chrome 71 will remove all adverts on the small number of website with persistent abusive experiences. Of course, it will mean two things: publishers will make less money and Google too will make less money too. One thing Google is interested in doing is draining the marketer cesspool.

Little problem, for the company makes enough in a year to be able to cope with cut in revenue. However, since the cut will hit only a few of the publishers, it will be not much of a concern for the company.

Commentators are speculating that the blocking of ads may just be something done outside Google’s network. That could mean that the company won’t be losing money at all. In this case, only those running malicious content ads will lose revenue. And also see a fall in clicks.

As 2017 went to an end, Google said it saw regular complaints from Chrome users about unexpected websites spurning redirects by third-party iframes. To solve the issue, Chrome 68 altered behavior of redirects so that these show up in browsers info bar rather than sending users to another website. The browser also made to block other interface-driven deception like transparent overlays that harvest clicks.

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In the month of January 2018, Google announced a tool which was intended to report abusive experiences. Website owners were meant to see through the use of that tool if users have reported deceptive interaction on their websites. Google hoped that publishers who were going wrong about it could clean up their acts. Now, if any publisher fails to follow directives, will mean that after 30 days, Chrome will activate popup blocker to perplex unwanted adverts.

The ad-blocking tool will start doing justice in February 2019. The company is encouraged all the more to do this because it believes that almost all these ads are designed to mislead.


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