Google Chrome for Android is immersed in a period of changes, in the same way as many other applications created by the great G. The Android browser par excellence takes time undergoing modifications, and each new update brings with it a series of novelties that, later or early, either they stay forever, or disappear despite the users say just the opposite.

Today, we know that Chrome for Android is close to adopting one of the most interesting features introduced with Android P Developer Preview 2: the overview panel in a horizontal format that allows you to see recent applications in the form of a carousel with side scroll. In the browser, the idea is exactly the same, only that the change will affect the way users interact with open tabs.

This is the Chrome tab menu in the style of Android P

As pointed out from 9to5Google, was last month when the Dev version of Google Chrome released a navigation menu between open tabs inside format, replacing the vertical scroll to which all users are accustomed today. At that time, however, the appearance was very different from the Android P overview menu, since the cards in each open tab overlapped each other.

Now, however, in the experimental version Chrome Canary for Android, this option has an interface traced to the menu of recent applications of Android P Beta, in which the cards no longer overlap each other, and it is possible to slide to the right or left watching the content of each tab. As always, the eyelashes can be removed with a slide up or down.

The novelty in question comes in version 68.0.3438.2 of Chrome Canary, available on Google Play for a couple of days. To activate it, it will only be necessary to access the address chrome://flags then search and activate the option # enable-horizontal-tab-switcher. Once enabled, it will be enough to restart the browser and see how the open tabs menu has changed completely.


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