Google Chromecast 1
Google Chromecast 1

Christmas is right here at the door and Google Chromecast is one of the best purchases you can make. But which one should you buy? Google Chromecast 2, 3 or ultra?

Since many countries only have Chromecast 2 on sale at the company’s official Mountain View store, is it worth buying out? Is it better to have a look at eBay?

That being the case, I’ll explain clearly what steps to take when choosing a new Google Chromecast and which one is best for you. That way, you will have to fit the needs that each one offers.

Still, let me repeat that you have to keep in mind that buying a Google Chromecast on eBay is the best option. Since the box is small, the shipping price is low. That is, in doing so you avoid spending € 40 on a product that is not the latest. Just take care to buy the original Google Chromecast. It does not hurt to be used, it is a product that does not have a battery, therefore, will not have great wear.

Difference between Google Chromecast 2 and Chromecast 3

The difference between them is not much. You have a new design and a better internet connection. Honestly, the value difference is not a problem, invest in the latest model. I use Google Chromecast (2Gen) and I am satisfied, however, at certain times I have internet breaks. Something that does not happen in the third version.

To clarify, you can buy the second generation here for less than € 25 and the third generation here for € 32. I remember that on the official website of Google Portugal the second generation costs 40 €. It should be noted that some of these examples are “bids”. That is, it does exactly the same research I did.

Chromecast 3Gen or Ultra?

The difference in these gadgets is in what you want to reproduce on your television. If you have a 4K TV I advise you to invest in Ultra and you do not have to worry for a good year. Previous versions only play in 1080p.

In addition, the “Ultra” model gives you the possibility of connecting an ethernet cable for a better connection. That is, you will have a much faster connection. However, the value is also higher. You can buy the model Ultra here for 55 €. 

It is important to note that the links to buy on eBay of these gadgets are not affiliated with TecHLecToR. So if you happen to go to the link and it is no longer available it does the exact same search I did. Just take care to write “original” in the survey and do not buy a gadget from China.

In conclusion, Google Chromecast is a gadget that I love and spend a lifetime to advise. Incidentally, this article comes to clarify a friend who asked me the same opinion. I hope you have been as enlightened as he.

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