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If you need a video chat mobile app, then you have Google Duo which was made for this purpose. FaceTime is to Apple users but it can be a drawback because it does not let iOS users be able to call Android users. Google Duo makes this impossibility possible – for iPhone users to video chat Android users. Desktop users aren’t exempted from the experience as they can use the app on the Google Chrome browser on their computers. Fast, safe, and reliable, Google Duo is a package suitable for your video call needs.

Google Duo Features

Simple to Use

You are not required to have an account or subscribe to use Google Duo. After signing up with your phone number, you can call people on your contact list with just a single tap.

Great Quality

Google Due is equipped with a new video codec technology that makes video calls more quality. Low bandwidth connections that could be problematic will benefit from this technology to deliver great video calls.
Google Duo Screenshot
Google Duo Screenshot


As you go about calling, Duo delivers good and quality calls without dropping your call. It does this by switching between cellular data and WiFi.

Group Calling

Because of the pandemic, the number of group calls has risen and it has increased on Duo by eight-fold. This has prompted Duo to increase the group size from 8 to 12 participants. Now you can do video call with up to 12 people at once.

Enjoy the Photo Feature

Whether you’re watching someone dancing to a song on their birthday or video calling your loved once while baking, Duo allows you to capture these moments during a video call. This feature lets you take a photo together and have it shared automatically to participants on the call.

Save Personal Messages

With Google Duo, you can save messages that mean a lot to you especially the sweeter ones. Unlike before when messages expire after 24 hours, this time Duo will allow you save those messages.

Video Messages

There are times you don’t have the time to call or answer a call. With Video Messages, you can record a quick hello. You can add text and emojis or draw on the message with a brush tool if you like.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a unique feature present in Google Duo which displays the live video of your caller before you pick up. This presents you with an idea of who the caller is before you decide if you should answer.


Google Duo has end-to-end encryption in place to secure your calls.

How to Install and Setup Google Duo

1. First off, download Google Duo from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
2. Input your phone number, wait for a verification code as a text message that would be sent to your phone
3. Input this verification code in its field and once verified, you can make a video call
The app will automatically import your contact from your phone’s contact list
Easy, right? You can also decide to link your Google Account to this setup. By doing this, your Google address book will sync to Google Duo and this will make it easier to use Google Duo on tablet and web client.

How to Make Video and Audio Calls on Google Duo

When everything is done, the front camera of your phone is activated for use in Duo. This can take you by surprise since we are used to apps asking us for permission to enable the camera when we start a call.
1. Swipe up from the bottom and the full contact list would be opened. You can employ the search bar to look for a person to call.
2. Tap on a person’s name and options to start a voice or video call, or record video or audio message will open up.
3. Place a call. If the person doesn’t pick up, you can pick the option to record an audio or video message instead.
4. To make a group call, tap on the “create a group” button on the main screen of the app. You are allowed to add up to 12 contacts to the group chat or call.

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