Google Embraced Privacy in I/O Event 2019 & Made Many Changes To It

Google Embraced Privacy in I/O Event 2019 and Made Many Changes To It

At I/O Event 2019, Google looked serious on privacy and made clear that user's privacy is at most priority. During the different sections of this event, Google revealed various new privacy features coming to update soon.

These features include the deletion of personal data from Assistant settings, 50 new features introduced in Android Q, a physical button will be provided in Nest Home Max to disconnect microphone and camera, etc.

Google has become serious in collecting and managing user's data from the past few years. The reason for this can be the leaking of 52.5 million users' data through Google Plus and a fine of 57 million dollars by the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties on Gooogle for not following GDPR Rules. This is the biggest that has been imposed on any tech company.

Sundar Pichai CEO of Google made a statement: "Our work on privacy and security is never done. And we want to do more to stay ahead of constantly evolving user expectations." Google is not only the tech company who is focusing on privacy but Apple is renowned all around the globe giving its users' data the most priority. Facebook is also in the news due to regular data breaches occurring.

Apple Contractors Listen To Siri's Recordings Of People Involved in Sex, Drug Dealing Etc.

Google introduced auto-delete controls last week to clean user's browsing history, queries made on Google maps and location tracking data. The company also revealed that the smartphone running on Android 7.0 or above can be used as a physical security key for 2FA authentication.

Some major features are added to Android Q. You will be notified when an app is trying to access your location after the implementation of the latest tracking location privacy feature.

Now incognito mode will also be made available in Google Maps to protect your search queries from being misused or leaked. This feature is similar like we get incognito mode in Chrome browser.

Many more additional security and privacy settings will be included in Android Q like MAc address randomization, TLS 1.3 support, etc.

You can now easily access your shared data with Google and account settings. Turn on/off the options which take away your data. This all shows that Google is making serious efforts to improve privacy but all these steps are enough to cater misuse of leaking data in today's advanced generation is still a doubt.


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