We are not surprised to see that some of the features of Android come and go in different versions of the Google operating system. This causes that, in some cases, developers and users complain when it is suddenly announced that a feature they trust is discontinued. This time, the owners of Android phones are probably breathing a sigh of relief, as Google has just announced that as of December the Android Nearby notifications feature will no longer send spam messages to users.

Google decides to terminate Android Nearby, something that will benefit users of the platform

Google implemented the Android Nearby feature set in response to what was then a growing interest in features related to advertising. These location-based services would be used primarily for advertising purposes, notifying clients that they are within reach of offers and promotions and other information data.

As expected, the notifications that sent those tidbits as Android notifications were abused. Google reports that it noticed an increase in spam notifications earlier this year. Instead of trying to filter them, they decided that it was not worth the effort and that instead they would discontinue nearby notifications.

So on December 6 of this year, users will no longer receive notifications of this type. That, however, does not mean that Android Nearby will disappear, will continue to exist and still has other APIs like nearby messages. With luck, the abusers will cease their efforts to annoy the users. What do you think about the measure adopted by Google? We would like to know your opinion.


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