iOS Calendar to Google Calendar
iOS Calendar to Google Calendar

Google, in 2017, introduced a new system that allowed to find the events available nearby, a simple and convenient method that can be reached by the classic Google app. Emily Fifer, the Google Search Product Manager, announced that this service has been further improved and enriched with exciting new features.

We immediately slow down the enthusiasm by writing to you that, at present, this research system is not yet available in all countries and is reserved only for the United States. With the new update, by entering phrases such as “events near me” or “free concert“, a list of available events will be shown and, for each of them, you will be able to read a lot of important information, such as time, location, shops online that sell tickets and other details that will help the user decide whether to participate or not.

In addition to this, the saving and sharing of events have been simplified and a new tab has been added in which all those close together and similar to the interests of the user who owns the account are grouped together.

Google Events is a very interesting service with which you can stay updated on concerts, theater appointments or other types of events in a simple and immediate. We hope that Big G will soon decide to expand it to other countries. Find more information on the dedicated page on the Google blog.

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