Google Fit for Android exceeds 50 million downloads on the Play Store

Google Fit has exceeded 50 million downloads on the Play Store. Announced during the 2014 edition of Google I / O and arrived only a few months later on the green robot store, Google Fit is the app for exercise and health monitoring designed by the Mountain View company to help Android users to manage different sports activities and more.

This is certainly not one of the most glaring data encountered so far: just think, for example, of Chrome and Gmail, which only reached 5 billion downloads a few months ago - a result 100 times higher than what was done record from the fitness app. Nevertheless, it is good to consider that, unlike the previously mentioned proprietary services, Google Fit is not pre-installed on Android devices, but only on smartwatches with Wear OS operating system.

In recent months, Google has continued to support the app by integrating the dark theme and finally closing the website to focus exclusively on the version available on smartphones and smartwatches. Finally, among the possible new features coming up, we report the start of tests to support the connection with Strava accounts.

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