For companies, it is essential to keep their equipment safe today. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best tools in this case. Google makes its entry into this segment with Backstory, which they have developed in collaboration with Avast. The two companies leave us with this project, which comes in the form of a security tool designed for companies. Google launches it through the Chronicle, one of its subsidiary brands.

Google launches Backstory to provide more security to companies

For companies that handle large amounts of data is something of enormous utility. This tool allows to analyze large quantities in a single time, using the cloud, Google servers, and artificial intelligence.

Google and Avast present Backstory

With Backstory, it is expected to be able to detect threats to servers, networks and computer systems that are otherwise difficult to detect, due to the enormous amount of information. Since for a person it is almost impossible to see the error in this type of situation. Google and Avast have collaborated closely on the project. Especially important is the presence of Avast, given their experience in the security sector, as they have a lot of knowledge.

It is proposed as a tool that can be of enormous help to many companies around the world. Especially at present in which the expansion of threats is faster than ever and in many cases it takes a while to detect them.

At the moment we do not know which companies will use Backstory. Probably many of them do not confirm that they will use this new tool. But it promises to bring improvements in security in the business world.


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