lens dest2
lens dest2

Seeking to increase the relevance of Google Lens, Google has just released the tool that identifies texts and objects using the smartphone camera in a separate app in the Play Store. However, when we talk about the visual and functionalities, there are no big changes, being possible to read texts using “Smart Text Selection” and to recognize objects, like clothes and shoes, with “Style Match“.

Although it is very easy to access Google Lens by the wizard, having a separate application makes it practical, especially for those users who use the image recognition features many times during the day. If you got interested and want to “run” to download the app, take it easy.

Not all Android smartphones are compatible with Google Lens. In the Play Store, you can see several user comments complaining about the incompatibility of the tool on your device. In my Xiaomi Mi A1, for example, I can not download. But if you want to try, just access this LINK.

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