Google Maps: many new features discovered in the new update


Google Maps doesn't even seem real with the addition of the new features proposed with the new April update. They change a lot of things and they are not minor changes due to some minor improvement or graphic change. We introduce exclusive features that have never been seen before. But the wait is over and now it's time for a change. And what a change!

Google Maps changes everything: the new version of the app is unknown

The new Google Maps update leaves everyone with an open mouth in front of its countless new features. We have signalers for speed cameras and maximum speed indicators. In other words, we have respectively new warning systems for road checks and visual signaling functions for the maximum speed allowed in the area where you are navigating.

The news might seem like nothing but save our lives and wallets, avoiding fines for the simple sound of an alert on the phone that is activated when the limit is exceeded or the app detects road checks by the Police. Not a simple standalone operation. It works both with the measurements on fixed columns at the edges of the roadway and for the mobile controls of the police. Convenient, certainly indispensable.

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But the function that many will hardly believe has yet to come. This is something almost "surreal". The new AR navigation mode Google Maps plunges us directly into the street, where it will be difficult to get lost even if you find yourself in the most boundless desert. Indicators, signs, and detours will be signaled in over impression in the image framed by the system camera. Not an absolute novelty since the Premium versions of Sygic, for example, have been offering it for some time now. But it will be interesting to discover the new online integration with the other services and the additional indications currently being examined by Level 5+ Local Guides testers.

What do you think of these incredible changes? Space for your comments.

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  1. David S Freid says

    Google Maps is looking to be a Google product that is linked to supporting better SEO in Seattle and the rest of the world. One example is the new, “Google Maps Now Let’s Users Create Events”. Very exciting and useful! Thanks Google…

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