Google Maps Now Let’s Users Create Events

Google is involved in a lot of work. As the company braces up to kill two products come April, it is also fine-tuning other products in a bid to satisfy the quest of users.

The latest information reaching us indicate that Google is updating it’s maps to enable user create public events. Users will be able to do that through the Contribute section. The place to this will be the area where users once rated businesses and do other things.

Users will have a swell time updating event name, location, date and other vital information. Also, there will be a possibility of adding images, tags, to describe the event and what’s going on around it.

As of now, Google has nit informed the world about its next feat but there is the likelihood that it would as time goes on. At the present time there is a support page for it. Last year, Google talked about a product labeled Google I/0. Now, it appears that the new event maps will have something to do with that product.

So, searchers looking for event information will now have more information at their fingertips. Surely, the feat will mean more transformation but it is hard to tell how far-reaching this will be.

The gimmick is that the company is adding to the useful way the app is being used by many people. It used to be something to show directions and locations. Now, it is becoming something that offers service.

One benefit of the new service is its ability to recommend cool places, and being able to show searchers some of the notable activities going on there. Till now, Facebook is a place where users can quickly set up, monitor, and promote events. What Google is about doing may have some impact on what Facebook does at the moment.

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Google map to some seems like a somewhat poor product. Probably, introducing the event map listings will make it serve fans better.

As the weeks roll by, this new functionality may fully take shape.

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