Google Maps is one of the applications I use most on my Android smartphone without even having to drive. The Mountain View company’s application proved to be able to improve considerably against competitors.

It is not often that you left home to drink a few glasses or dinner out that I do not abo the application to know what is new. In addition to getting you where you need it faster, Google Maps now gives you recommendations on places to visit for your tastes.

The new update does not seem to change much at design level, however, if you were having some issues with location, this download has to be done. Sometimes with the previous version, the application simply asked me for reviews of places I’ve never been. Simply because I stopped near that place for a while.

Is it from this that Google Maps fixes the location in this version of the application?

So, after installing this version I no longer have this problem. I have the update since yesterday and today I noticed that it has considerably improved my GPS location. So much so that he was able to define an assessment of a place where I really was and full of other businesses around.

That way, to install the new version you just need to click the icon below and click download in Google Drive. Soon after, just follow the typical “following” and “install”. The application will overwrite the previous version.

New App here

However, if you have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro you will have to jump here and download your version for the smartphone. Most other devices can install with the version that is in the above icon. Again, if you have problems make a jump on the link above.

Since you are here, you can install our Android app that is in the Google Play Store for free. Something tells me you’ll like it.


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