The electric cars are now finally beginning to find diffusion among the vehicles for the daily movement and together with them, the attached service stations, necessary for the electric recharge of the batteries of the vehicle. For this purpose, Big G has implemented the ability to find a charging station on Google Maps, while driving its vehicle.

Google Maps implements the search for electric charging stations

This new type of assistance that is rolled out on the Google Maps app starting today, will show the location of the stations for electric charging within the map. All you need to do is look for “charging station” or “EV station” or similar, so as to bring up the charging points closer to your area.

Google Maps will also show information on the company that owns the charging station, how many and what types of charging ports are available, the speed for charging and more, along with reviews, photos, and ratings, in a similar way to a restaurant.

Currently, the results for the search of stations on Google Maps, support the charging stations belonging to Tesla and Chargepoint, along with other suppliers in the United States and New Zealand, where currently the tests have started and also in the United Kingdom.

The new search function for charging stations on Google Maps, is available for Android and iOS users from today, while it will be released on desktops from the coming weeks. In our country, electric charging stations are currently available in the main Italian capitals, including Milan, Rome but also Palermo and Catania. All that remains is to wait for the extension of the support to these suppliers, in order to take advantage of the new functionality.


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