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Many devices are receiving Android Pie portings thanks to the incessant work of the developers of the now famous XDA forum. Well, it seems that the next interested phones are the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 5X. Both of these devices are quite dated and have already completed their official update process. The Nexus 6 ended up on Android Nougat, while the Nexus 5X ended up on Android Oreo.

Android Pie has only been released for two weeks, yet many of the most popular devices in the XDA community have already acquired fully functional porting. The list is growing every day, thanks to the work of some of the talented developers of the forum.

The first is the Nexus PieX, Senior Member, who worked hard on the Nexus 5X. Apart from SafetyNet and VoLTE, which present some problems, everything seems to work best. Even Google Apps and the camera do not give problems as happened on other devices. As for the Nexus 6, presented on October 15, 2014, and available for pre-order from October 29 of the same year, porting is the work of the user Recognized Developer Myself5 and the rest of the CarbonROM team. Everything works, apart from a few problems when restarting with the mobile network. This is also easily solved since it is sufficient to enter a dialer code and enable the mobile network to work. Nothing to do, however, for cryptography, but on the other hand was widely predicted.

Users who are interested in trying both portings can already download the ROMs on the XDA forum. The same developers remember to report any problems and any other information that can help to solve the bugs that may gradually present themselves. As specified by the forum, none of these ROMs will be perfect and it is very likely that something can go wrong without reason, so it is always better to highlight any problems, even what may seem unimportant.

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