google pixel 3 specs 730x480
google pixel 3 specs 730x480

The Google Pixel 3 will arrive in the second half of 2018 but the rumors are already beginning to be pressing and also interesting from certain points of view.

To speak very often in advance for Android smartphones is the Google software not by chance released, a few days, in its second Developer Preview. Let’s not talk about a simple update or other but the operating system, Android P 9.0, which will be the basis with which they will then be launched the new hardware products from Google.

We speak to the plural because just from what emerged within the AOSP code, even in 2018 we could see not one but again two Google Pixels. We would then come to the third generation of products designed directly by Google and that could once again stand out in the now traditional conformation that a little all the tech companies have given to their flagship products: a small model and a more generous one. Towards October so we should expect a winning combination again, at least given the assumptions of current models, composed of the new Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

At this point, the big question mark moves on the producers of these new smartphones. Yes, because we can say that Google has not been 100% satisfied with the work done by LG. The Google Pixel 2 XL was a great smartphone in the long run, but unfortunately, however, had to make up for some units full of problems in the early stages of leaving. There was once again talk of LG as a single manufacturer, in this case, of the new product range but the situation seems to have stopped and cooled in the last hours. The alternatives are certainly not lacking in the American company and it will be very interesting to understand who will be the right partner for this 2018.

Of course, we can say that, after the results of 2017, Google will again churn out two excellent devices. Customers have further raised their needs with Pixel 2 and would not like to take another step back in this direction. The whole then obviously I’m going with Android P that, we think, can marry the best with these new smartphones.

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