google pixel 3 01
google pixel 3 01

With Pixel 3 Google could definitely launch a big rival to Samsung and Apple

Although Google has already appeared on the smartphone market in recent years, the California giant has not yet launched a real attack on Samsung or Apple. With Pixel 3, however, the situation could change and Google could become the third smartphone maker to inconvenience the world best.

Google Pixel 2 and the XL version, have benefited from cameras with little to envy brands already established in the mobile. Despite this, the devices did not seem competitive, especially for numerous problems and bugs both in the launch phase and in subsequent periods.

With Pixel 2, the Californian giant has taken the measures: is it time to enter the mobile market seriously?

In the past, Google relied on third-party vendors to help make their smartphones valid. After acquiring HTC’s team last year, the company now has an internal hardware division at its disposal. The result of this assimilation will most likely be seen with Google Pixel 3, a smartphone that looks like an interesting novelty and that will probably see the light at the end of 2018

Although Google has not disclosed specific information about this device, there are several items that are following the likely characteristics of a device that is probably very interesting.

In this article we have collected a bit ‘all the most interesting rumors and those that could prove more reliable: of course, everything that is not official remains within the theories.

A launch window in line with previous Google Pixels?

The most recent rumor of the corridor (dating back to a few hours ago) would concern the confirmation of the launch of Google Pixel 3 in the month of October. Theoretically reliable news, given that previous versions of the smartphone debuted on the market in the autumn months (Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were launched on October 19, 2017).

Another recent rumor would be the alleged addition of the Apple-style notch on the Google device. This news may not make everyone happy…

Some leaked photos reveal some details of the device

According to some photos spread on the net, the back part would be made of glass (we speak of a double finish).

Apparently, the fingerprint sensor will be present in plain sight, while it is not yet established if the device supports charging the wireless mode. Always according to leaked photos, the camera will be equipped with a single lens. Finally, an important element that springs to mind is the absence of the 3.5 mm jack in the shots.

Always commenting on the photos that are going around the web, it seems pretty obvious how the camera module should appear slightly protruding from the device. Vice versa, the fingerprint sensor should show itself as slightly hollow with respect to the body.

Three different versions?

According to persistent rumors, Google would be willing to launch on the market as many as three different versions of smartphones. What will be the differences and the main characteristics of the three “brothers”? For the moment we know only the presumed codename of the three versions, ie crosshatchalbacore, and blueline.

A rather reliable source

If a rumor is quoted from a reliable source like Bloomber it could be true, right? In this case, the well-known newspaper predicted the probable launch of a new version of Android simultaneously with the launch of Pixel 3.

This new version should offer a series of improvements such as optimizing battery consumption. The operating system may also have Google Assistant support.

Android P (this is the theoretical name of the new version) will also be designed to perfectly fit smartphones with the presence of the notch. A clue regarding the Pixel 3? This does not mean that the next Google smartphone will have this function, but the fact could be an unequivocal clue…

A new facial scanner?

It is said that Google is working on a totally new scanner, similar to Face ID… but probably even more advanced. The iris scanner on which Google would be working for Pixel 3 could work on a variety of Android apps and maybe even be used to verify mobile payments made through Google Pay.

New speakers in sight?

According to the Android site Headlines, there are rumors that claim that Google is working on Pixel 3 devices to make new front speakers.

It is also worth remembering that HTC has spent years trying to differentiate their smartphones by focusing on their audio quality and now that this team has been incorporated by Google, it may seem logical that the next product of the colossus Californian points also on a quality of the above average.

Snapdragon 845, but with how much RAM?

Regarding the processor there are few doubts: in all likelihood will be a  Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 , in line with all high-end smartphones of 2018. A big question mark remains instead the RAM and storage space that will be available on the device: the current Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL come with 4 GB of RAM with 64 GB and 128 GB of storage space.

In the near future, we will probably discover more specifications on these devices that are promising to say the least interesting!

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