Screenshots on Google Pixel 3

Let’s go back to talk about the Google Pixel 3 XL, the current flagship device of the American company that shows again some minor problems despite the most optimistic expectations from the same Google.

We remember last year, in 2017, when the first weeks of life of the Google Pixel 2 XL were a disaster? Among defective products and unpacked displays, Google had to quickly buffer the situation through a software update that succeeded in part to contain the murky waters that were created around it. Not even better than its successor, the Google Pixel 3 XL that returns to the center of the world limelight after the many leaks emerged from this summer and, as we have seen, they have practically left out any detail of any kind.

Specifically, in these hours have arrived two different reports Online that have shown different issues of the product but still annoying and that would make anyone angry is spending 1000 euros for a smartphone that is still having issues.

The first concern is a virtual notch that appears inside the display. It is not a hoax and even a joke, believe me, we are faced with a situation in which Android does not seem yet to be perfectly comfortable with the notch so as not to better detect the size of the UI and then show occasionally a notch software side or where it best believes in the display. Why does this happen? Because we remember that the operating system adapts to the panel cut otherwise, as we see in some eastern devices on which software development is bad, the system would not detect the notch itself by continuing the projection of the UI despite then not going to show. Certainly, it is a software defect that will be easily removed and fixed with the next update and which, we emphasize, has not occurred on all units but only on some models. How to solve? Simply Google today recommends rebooting awaiting the resolving patch.

The second problem of these hours instead of points the finger towards the audio reproduction system. As we know Google has chosen a pushed approach with a double speaker, but in some cases, it would tend to sound so strong as to create an excessive vibration of the back of the smartphone itself. Even here, as shown by various users, the problem would be limited only to some models, but not all those on the market and there would be no real solutions but to use the smartphone in an intelligent way for the moment.

So we understand that in this 2018 the quarrels for Google seem to never end practically never. It must be said, however, that, as in any new product line, defective matches can occur which will gradually diminish when production is fully operational in the following months. So if you have any qualms about buying or not now one of the new Google smartphones, you can always wait and take them over the next few months with the hope that, as mentioned, all these problems have been largely resolved. Are you already owners of this smartphone? Well, pay attention if these problems also arise.


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