It seems that Google has revealed by mistake the arrival of the expected but never formalized mid-range smartphone. Its name appeared for a short time on the official Google website and it seems that he will not be called Pixel 3 Lite but Google Pixel 3a. The screenshot was published on TheVerge website and the news quickly went around the web.

Google Pixel 3a confirmed by mistake from Big G

The American site has published a screenshot to attest what has been described, however, the managers of the multinational have immediately removed the new entry as soon as they realized the error. The doubt arises that the error is actually a method to make the hype grow on a product, precisely Google Pixel 3a, expected by the followers of the company and “pure” Android for quite some time now. An economic Pixel, or at least cheaper than the current Big G flagship, would be a happy addition to the smartphone market for many.

However, it would not be the first mistake (or trick, points of view) by Big G: in late March the official website of the company showed Nest Hub Max for a few minutes before it disappeared into thin air. In the case of the Pixel 3a, however, only the link to the page has been published, but no technical information has been disclosed in any section of the site on the smartphone. At the moment Big G has confirmed, therefore, only the name.

From Google two midrange smartphones: Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL?

According to the latest rumors, as well as those credited to be more truthful, the smartphones of Google’s new mid-range family could be two: code names bonito and sargo. They are referred to as “midyear experiences”, for a new Google strategy, probably, which will see the launch of new devices in two distinct periods of the year: the top of the range will arrive in the second part of the year, as usual, the mid-range probably before the summer. The Google I / O in May could be a nice launch pad for the first wave of the cheapest family devices.

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The two devices should have a 5.6 and 6 “ diagonal OLED display, both support for Full HD resolution, and could adopt the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 platform, 12 MP rear cameras and the 3.5mm audio jack, at least on one of the two smartphones The variant with larger displays could also be called Google Pixel 3a XL . More details have recently emerged on the prices of the new Pixels 3. We do not know the arrival times of the two devices, but the fact that Google is starting to “play” with the web page can only mean that the debut is imminent.


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